Some Strange Wedding Cultures Which Have Stood The Test Of Time

If you believe that a wedding is all about the bride and groom exchanging rings or garlands, you could be seriously mistaken. This is because even today there are a number of strange wedding cultures that has stood the test of time. If you look around the internet you will come across scores of such practices. It will not be simply possible to list down each one of them. However, we will over the next few lines try and have a look at a few of them so that you could get an idea about the weirdness or absurdity of such cultures.

Huts Of Courting

There is practice in South Africa where the bride and groom are asked to spend some time in a small hut and try to understand more about one another. This takes them away from the prying eyes of the onlookers and affords them the much needed privacy and perhaps even intimacy. This helps them to take a correct decision regarding the compatibility or otherwise of such relationships.

Grabbing The Mate

There are some gypsy groups which have a weird way cultures when exists even today. It is about the groom grabbing the bride and forcefully kissing her. It could be considered as an assault and at the same time something which could lead them to love each other.

Marrying A Tree

In India there is a strange practice where certain girls born during a certain period of the years who are considered cursed. They are supposed to have a curse which will lead to the death of their husbands should they marry. They only way they can overcome this problem is to marry a tree by tying a rope around it as a symbolic gesture. This is still being followed in many areas of the country though it might look bizarre.

Wedding By The Graveside

The unknown soldier is the one who has sacrificed his life for the country. Hence there are many brides and grooms prefer to get married in the graves of these unknown soldiers. This is a way in which they would like to pay their tribute to these soldiers.

The above are just a few examples and if you look around the internet you will be able to come across dozens of various such weird practices. Whether it is good or bad is left to the people who continue to believe in it and practice it.